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With over 20 years’ track record as a specialist content provider of eLearning solutions, 600+ clients and courses present in more than 50 countries worldwide, Skilla helps organisations and individuals adapt and thrive amid change and complexity.

We do this by developing learning agility and interpersonal skills, helping to create lifelong learners, inclusive leaders and adaptive learning organisations. We help organisations embed a learning culture, digitally transform, and harness change.

Future-proof skills

In a world of rapid change and rich interconnectedness, transversal competencies are more vital than ever.

We focus on “future-proof” skills globally recognised (OECD, WEF, UNESCO etc.) as essential for 21st century workforces. Transversal competencies such as digital skills & mindset, learning strategies, collaborative problem-solving.

Skilla’s distinctive heutagogical method is designed for self-directed learning, and facilitates reflective and double-loop learning. Multimedia content stimulates multiple intelligences in learners and enables them to interact via different learning styles.

Skilla’s Method is informed by the latest research in andragogy, eLearning and digital, and is the fruit of 8 PhD research programmes.


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Recognition and Awards for Skilla

  • Top 30 Highest Performing Learning Provider 2020 (LPI)
  • Accredited annually LPI Learning and Performance Institute (LPI)
  • Solid Performer on Fosway 9-Grid Digital Learning
  • Winner of le Fonti Awards 2017 in two categories
  • Winner of 15 European & Italian awards, several for innovation

Skilla Partners

Why a partnership with Skilla is different

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Over 600 clients worldwide

We were looking for a Partner who could work with us in the challenge of developing our Corporate Academies, with an eye on the national and international landscape and an ear to our internal world. We needed a Partner with a genuine desire to undertake this journey with us, sharing our enthusiasm and helping us to light the way. In Skilla, we have found that Partner!

Simonetta Serafini
Head of Group Training and Learning, Italian State Railways

Skilla brought a disruptive, engaging and quality-focussed method into L&D within our business, thanks to a combination of tools, methodologies and formats, resulting in fast and efficient learning journeys and environments.

Emanuele Galtieri, Vice President
Communications and ICT, Elettronica

The Learning Paths have been very successful and very well received; learners like the different aspects to cater for different learning styles, the bite size courses, and the book summarising the learning.

Isabel Bermudez
Training and Development Specialist, Global eBusiness HQ, Miki Travel Limited

Skilla stands out as partners through their innovation, creativity, new learning system design, and performance management. Skilla listen and they are attentive to all our learning needs.

Paola Albertelli
Learning Development Specialist, Europ Assistance