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ABB – the Skilla library and the Individual Right to Training

Our experience with ABB, a leading company in energy and automation technologies, is an excellent example of how the Skilla library can be used to create a background of digital skills. In fact, ABB choses to make available a selection of 100 Training Pills® specifically chosen from our library to approximately 6,000 employees. All this complying with the provisions of the European Union’s “DigComp 2.0” programme, which is dedicated to improving the skill level of the European Union’s citizens’ in the &lsquodigital’ sphere. All the users have free access to the cloud platform, and can consult their training content via mobile devices, including tablets or smartphones. The platform’s ease of access makes it readily available to the users, who can decide how much time to devote to their training at any time of day.

Fondir Innovates & Simplifies. Increases the opportunities, reduces the complexity

Skilla introduces Fondir’s wide range of free communication initiatives, to discover the new developments, simplifications and opportunities that the Fund offers for management training purposes. A unique experience dedicated to learning, growth and dialogue with the Fund’s experts, corporate proponents, and training professionals. Webinars, workshops and events dedicated to learning about the new funding opportunities offered by the Fund and exploring new training methods applicable to the field of management training. For more information about the initiatives, visit

New partnership with the Italy China Academy

The Italy China Academy’s Permanent Training School and Skilla will work together to create the first online training course for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to learn about the world of Chinese business. The proposed courses will not replace the classroom courses but will complement them in order to reach an ever broader audience. Skilla will create an eLearning course using an innovative method made up of virtual studies, interactive objects and quizzes. All together they will cover the general scenario, Chinese culture, the mapping of a digital ecosystem, the elaboration of consumer profiles, and the legal issues. Watch the video

De Cecco – Whole grain pasta qualities

For De Cecco, Skilla has created a multimedia course titled “Whole grain pasta qualities”, which is aimed at educating the employees about the processing and the distinctive qualitative parameters that, from a scientific standpoint, provide for such a high quality product. The multimedia aspects, the balance of the visual elements, and the shortness and meticulous preparation of the contents allow for the dissemination of highly specialised scientific and technical information with an educational approach, thereby helping the company’s staff understand the particularities of De Cecco’s whole grain pasta production method.

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