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Winner of Le Fonti Awards, Skilla is an innovative, accredited eLearning company with a portfolio of multinational clients and a fast-growing presence globally.

For over 20 years our learning resources have been helping Learning & Development at companies like Ernst and Young, Santander and Fiat Chrysler to empower staff to become autonomous & lifelong learners, and to create adaptive learning organisations.

Why Skilla

Improving change agility in the workforce

Our story

Each milestone is a new beginning.


Skilla in 50 countries of the world with its training pills. Fosway introduces Skilla as the only leading Italian company in the Digital Learning category; the UK Learning & Performance Institute certifies Skilla among the top 30 international Digital Learning companies in Europe.


Skilla launches two learning APPs: Digital Journey, an exclusive format for learning digital skills and Skilla Cards, the APP for independently producing Microlearning objects.


SkillaLibrary + is featured at Learning Technologies UK.

Exploring eLearning is in its 3rd edition.


SkillaLibrary + is born: the answer to the training needs of all company areas and HR processes. Hundreds of  Multimedia Training Courses® and over 3,000 microlearning contents and dozens of Learning Paths.


Formaliberi: from the classroom to the library.

Franco Amicucci arrives on television.


The Skilla e-commerce opens, the interactive cd-roms mark a new stage in the world of independent training.

The Amicucci Formazione team is increasingly undisciplinary.

The calendar Le fate sapienti comes out.


Training becomes a show: a revolution of the teaching method.

In the design team, philosophy, information technology, psychology, art and storytelling meet.


Skilla Multimedia Training Courses® are born: microlearning optimizes training time.

The site is renewed, as well as the logo in which the X is a metaphor for the engine of the Amicucci Formatione.


Blended learning has started to be experimented.


The press amplifies the spread of the Amicucci method.


The Amicucci method becomes the subject of thesis and doctorate investigation. 2nd generation Multimedia Training Courses® are born.


Corporate intranets are the ideal habitat for using Multimedia Training Courses®, which are increasingly engaging.


WEB 2.0 inspires the participatory training model. The 3rd generation Multimedia Training Courses® and the Sofware del pensiero are born. The Architetti di apprendimento course is launched, in collaboration with the Luiss Business School.


Nasce SKILLA, la prima library italiana sulle soft skill.
Vengono rilasciati myBookshelf e myLearningPlan, due nuovi Software del Pensiero.
I contenuti multimediali parlano 20 lingue.

SKILLA is born, the first Italian Library on soft skills. MyBookshelf and myLearningPlan, two new Sofware del Pensiero, are released. The multimedia contents speak 20 languages.


4th generation Multimedia Training Courses® become mobile oriented: Appils are born. Amicucci Formazione moves to the new headquarters in Civitanova Marche. The CENTO50 project inaugurates the partnership with Franco Angeli Editore.


The 5th generation Multimedia Training Courses®, totally responsive, are designed.

From method to rebranding: Amicucci Formazione presents itself to the international market as Skilla.

Architetti dell’apprendimento generates Hdemia.


Skilla creates the e-learning platform for EXPO 2015 staff and volunteers. Multimedia Training Courses® are translated into English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Spanish.

The partnership with Manpower is born.


Exploring eLearning: the 1st national eLearning event is organized by Skilla.

The Multimedia Training Courses® are enriched with courses on digital culture, interculturality and smart working.


2nd edition of Exploring Learning.

SkillaHUB is released, Skilla’s new LMS to manage the entire training process of companies and Corporate Academy.


Amicucci Formazione on the web: the first site.

The UK team

An eclectic team, which makes use of humanistic, design, technological and digital skills.

A multifaceted look and constantly updated knowledge to create in-depth, rewarding and concrete training courses.

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