Mobile Learning App

The mobile-first app for adaptive on-the-job learning

We were inspired by language-learning and sports apps

Develop business-critical competencies on-the-job, at a pace and level to suit

The app belongs to a new generation of efficient, user-centric learning tools, designed to facilitate an immersive, adaptive digital learning experience, as well as a social learning.

The microlearning content is provided in the format of learning cards, and the content fed through is adaptive, tailored to the learner’s/cohort’s level of proficiency or progress.

The learning process is based on questions as prompts, articles, infographics, videos, images and short interactive activities. The app comes in different flavours and can be focused on other key themes, for example, the Leadership Journey or the Digital Journey, and can also be bespoke, based partially or wholly on the client’s content.

Designed to address specific training needs for target learner cohorts rapidly and efficiently, the app enables built-in assessment, maximum accessibility and learner engagement, and can be used on-the-job, integrated into work processes, rather than as a separate learning activity.

Personalised learning journeys

Question-driven personalised learning journeys, adapted on users’ proficiency levels and business functions, with new content every week. You can also add bespoke content based on the company’s existing training material into this interactive format.

An immediate, adaptive and verifiable learning experience

A simple tool for complex organisations

Create a username

Pick your own username to interact with others.

Choose your level

If you are unsure about your level of proficiency, put it to the test with the initial assessment.

Select your interests

Select the categories you find the most useful to your role. Categories can be customised with the company.

Decide the intensity of your training

Decide how many new contents you want to receive each week.

Now you are ready

After configuring the app, you will find the contents that fit your needs.

Concise contents

All contents are structured as packs of learning cards to help you learn in small doses and test yourself.


You can continuously test yourself with quizzes in the learning card format.

My Analytics

Monitor self-learning.

Badge and leaderboard

The more you learn, the more points you gain. Get cracking!

Many other functions

Easy to use, customisable by the company, and designed to incentivise learning.

Call us to discover all the functions and how they can be used in your organisation’s training system.

5 simple steps

  1. SELECT the contents that best suit your organisation and create learning journeys
  2. CUSTOMISE and add your own, new contents – optional
  3. LAUNCH the communication campaign prepared by Skilla
  4. MONITOR the results and obtain useful insights
  5. REWARD the digital talents in your organisation who demonstrate learning agility
    by excelling in the engagement and application of content.

You will be guided through each step of this innovative off-the-shelf and customisable solution, which has already proved highly effective for thousands of users. Customise the structure of the project by adding events, webinars with our experts, competency assessments, awards schemes etc.

Contact us to get a live demo and install the app on your mobile phone!

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