Three steps to communicate and engage participants in an eLearning course

What are the rules for an engaging eLearning project? Undoubtedly, stimulating motivation, arousing interest and engaging participants are important elements in the creation of an attractive and, at the same time, instructive product. By applying the laws of marketing to training, it is possible to develop an effective strategy that is not overly difficult to achieve. Three steps are required: FIRST STEP: anticipate, intrigue, prepare

  • Find the right project name, then create a logo and a payoff with the key message, without forgetting aesthetics. The key message should highlight the positive aspects of distance learning, linked to the improvement in working conditions, performance and achieving objectives.
  • Create a communication plan, identifying channels and tools.
  • Show recipients real situations, so that they can analyse the value and impact of the project on their career, perceiving it as a great opportunity.
  • Establish a training agreement, sharing and communicating the learning objectives.

SECOND STEP: motivate, support and monitor People who are not motivated will not learn. There are five motivational levers.

  • Success: participants can be challenged to demonstrate their skills.
  • Curiosity: stimulate interest using practical examples and links to real life.
  • Originality: allows participants to express their ideas and suggestions.
  • Relationships: create working groups, networks and online communities.
  • Energy: place people at the centre of training, suggesting timeframes and methods of use, but allowing them their autonomy.

Results should be rewarded with a course completion certificate. THIRD STEP: check, improve and build loyalty Properly engaged participants can be driven towards self-training and mentoring. Ratings, the opportunity to comment and recommend training resources and rewards for those who wish to continue allow the level of learning to be checked and promote improvement, building participant loyalty. A survey after the course will provide valuable feedback for future projects. This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 10: “communication and engaging participants in eLearning courses”. Silvia Borsci

written by: Silvia Borsci , 21 December 2016

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