Change management: 7 things to keep in mind

Change management, development and success of companies depends on the ability to implement and manage the necessary changes to meet, and possibly anticipate, developments in the competitive environment. A company then finds itself facing a dual challenge: innovation while respecting corporate values ??and culture. The Assochange Observatory claims that one in two companies in Italy have launched internal change management processes, but only 1% have fully achieved their set objectives. Why? Mainly because of the absence of a culture of change, ineffective communication and the lack of a methodological approach. What are the steps to initiate and lead a path towards change?

  1. Create a sense of urgency
  2. Team building
  3. Define and communicate the objective
  4. Develop new skills
  5. Foresee successes in the short term
  6. Consolidate changes
  7. Integrate change and always seek a balance between innovation and tradition.

For each of these steps to be successful, they need to be supported by continuous and innovative training and communication activities. Do not leave anything to chance: carefully planned a project that will accompany and support people throughout the process. Planning means programming content, resources, time and the channels for each individual stage. The secret is to combine everything in a balanced and intelligent manner. We can choose from events, conventions, project work, elearning pills, tutorials, video clips, cartoons, tests, games and contests so that the flow of communication supporting the entire process is never interrupted. However, the language used to communicate change must also be adapted and innovated. New approaches cannot use roads and vehicles that have become antiquated and obsolete. They require creativity, imagination, curiosity and new languages ??to attract attention and arouse interest at first, followed by the desire to break new ground. This is because the culture of change comes from being part of a positive project and a feeling that, together, it is possible to build or reach a better world. This topic was discussed in posterLab no.17: “eLearning for change management” Lorena Patacchini

written by: Lorena Patacchini , 5 October 2016

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