The Multimedia Training Pill® by Skilla – a story lasting 12 years

The Multimedia Training Pill®by Skilla is an innovative learning method designed to maximise time, knowledge and accessibility of information, with a fresh and efficient approach. How did it start?

A group of e-Learning pioneers in search of the ideal prototype

In 2001, Franco Amicucci launched the first website of the company he founded, which he used to publish what he initially referred to as information and training “pearls”. Micro-content on organisational behaviour available to the internet community: an innovative approach both in terms of method and content, which was ahead of the logic behind the share economy to which we are now accustomed. The idea of ??pills brings with it these first online experiences and develops the insight of those training pearls. During the years in which the scientific community began to talk about the learning objects, Amicucci Formazione’s team discussed which would be the best format for an audience that was not accustomed to multimedia languages, with three clear and essential goals: brevity, effectiveness, multiplicity of languages. Creative sessions, long meetings, experimentation, trial and error: the first pill Multimedia Training Pill® by Ax saw the light in 2004, a unique and multiple media object that provided a portion of content across multiple languages: cartoons, games, text, art and literature.

Continuously evolving graphics, faithful to a training approach

The Training Pill®changed form several times in a continuous evolution regarding format and graphical layout, which were always kept up-to-date to provide greater educational effectiveness and communicative incisiveness.

Beware of imitations

The term training pill has now entered the vocabulary of all those involved in online training. The method is recognised as a specific format in on-line training activities. While this confirms the success of the project, it should be noted that it is often used improperly. The tendency is to use the term pill to define any short-medium length e-Learning course. In truth, the format designed by Skilla has stringent characteristics and specific functions.

What is a Training Pill®?

A pill is, first and foremost, a new approach to training: continuous, liquid, engaging. A pill is also a methodological format for structuring content and therefore editing. The methodology is used by instructional designers, architects and editors for designing content and drawing up production storyboards. Ultimately, a pill is a development framework, evolving continuously, used by a team of developers to optimise production processes. A true proprietary technology that acts as an alternative to traditional authoring tools.

The pill, in brief

Each pill is a short and incisive multimedia course that addresses a skill in a comprehensive and rigorous manner. Within minutes, a skill’s fundamental concepts are placed into focus, new interpretations of the problem are brought to light and the user is stimulated to gain a greater understanding. The content is presented using an engaging, multiple, visual, concise language that is easy to remember. … LIGHT: few, but essential items … PRECISE: clear, organised, applicable concepts … MULTIPLE: different languages, to stimulate different types of intelligence … QUICK: a few minutes for effective learning … VISUAL: plenty of images and visuals

7 Ph.Ds on the model

The format and method of Skilla pills have a sound scientific and experiential basis: Ph.Ds on the Training Pill® since 2005 have explored the educational theories underlying the model and the results related to the use of the learning processes. More than 300 large organisations have used or are using the model, generating an increasing amount of new data and information to improve the product and the learning experience. Click here to find a publication on the Multimedia Educational Pills method (MEPs) and its application in the inclusion of diversity in learning.

A registered trademark to guarantee an exclusive model

The Multimedia Pill® Training Pill® and AX Pill® trademarks were registered with the Ministry of Economic Development in 2008. Chiara Moroni

written by: Chiara Moroni , 16 June 2016

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