CENTO50: A new way of doing corporate training by sharing knowledge

CENTO50 born in response to a completely new need: to fuse traditional resources (150 hard-copy books, consigned for your reference directly in your company) with more multimedia and interactive approaches (the so-called “training pills”, downloaded onto the corporate intranet, or accessed from an external portal). The idea is to serve engaging and continuous training by creating a corporate media-library, freely accessible to all. Have you ever come across a book somebody had left behind on a park bench or at a bus stop? (This is an idea of New York architect John Locke.) This is the idea of BookCrossing that aims to transform the whole world into one giant open-air mobile library, where knowledge and learning are freely transferrable from one hand to another, from one mind to another, unleashing the power and value of books through social sharing. Thanks to a partnership between publishers FrancoAngeli and Amicucci Formazione, we have brought BookCrossing into the business world. The advantages that the creation of a book-and-media-library can offer are truly infinite in terms of opportunities for study, self-reflection, communication and active listening. When a books open their frontiers greet multi-media and digital features – the future which is advancing upon us at an ever steadier pace – a fresh wind of renewal fans our approach to in-company training and growth (authentically in keeping with the framework of life-long learning). This evolution starts from sharing, between colleagues, of the catalysts of resources and contents, be they on paper or virtual, accessible both on PCs and on tablets. These instruments are nonetheless personal they accompany our growth and consolidate it over time, from within the organization but facing outside the organization. They bring value, quality and sharing into a context that has to cast off the vestiges of tradition in order to embrace a new form of training that is cultural, open to everyone and always on the wave of the latest technologies. These are trends to be caught up with, overtaken and influenced in turn for a new access of power and competitiveness. Margherita Flagiello

written by: Margherita Flagiello , 2 October 2013

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