Using music for in-company training: Working with sound to help you think (and produce) better

Is it possible that listening to music could help people working in companies to improve their well-being and their productivity? Convinced that this aim can be realized, Skilla has produced the collection ‘musicalMente‘ and theMusicMind System© (MMS)’, a veritable educational model that uses music to promote professional and personal growth in individuals and in the group. Conceived by Giorgio Fabbri, an eclectic musician, orchestral conductor and a student of neuroscience, the MMS system is based on interiorization and development through educational events and activities using the new opportunities implicit in the use of music in the company. As Giorgio Fabbri explains, “The training model I have conceived aims to empower the logical-rational and emotional capacities of the mind, through guided listening to music. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have shown that even just listening to music is an amazing way of activating a broad network of brain regions linked to attention, memory, motor functions and emotional processes.” MMS training procedures involve activities that are engaging and rich in emotional content, that are based on direct contact with music – best performed live – through listening that is guided, attentive and aware, in order to keep emotions and rationality constantly connected, transforming the composer’s mentality into a template for improvement and learning. Music has always been considered an effective instrument for managing stress, transmitting energy, stimulating the mind to find new solutions and to think creatively. By using not just the rational conscious part of the mind, but also the emotional and unconscious part, it becomes easier to face daily work situations as whole persons, i.e. people who know how to exploit their ratiocinative abilities (the logical way – knowing what and knowing how) and their emotional abilities (the emotional way – knowing to be and knowing to feel). In this sense, music represents a universal language that opens up continuous integration and interaction between the right hemisphere (seat of creativity, intuition and emotion) and the left hemisphere (more analytic, logical and rational) of the brain. This much-desired association between Skilla – which always gives pride of place to innovation and creativity – and Giorgio Fabbri, with his long and well-established experience in the field of music, is a natural one. It sets a crown on their joint mission of spreading culture in the context of corporate training. Margherita Flagiello

written by: Margherita Flagiello , 26 November 2013

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