How to choose an eLearning platform

An eLearning platform provides a solid foundation on which to base a company’s training framework. Not only is it a bit like a compass that lets you navigate a sea of ??information, it also represents a reference point for an organisation’s identifying values. Choosing one could prove difficult, since the market is full of proposals and, at times, it is far from easy to understand all the features and functions clearly, which required technical knowledge that cannot be taken for granted. What do you need to know to make the right choice? Firstly, a distinction has to be made: some platforms are open source, which means they are open, modular, fast to set up and can count on a large pool of developers and communities that exchange information quickly. Others are proprietary and, unlike the former, ensure continuous support by the vendor, but have the great disadvantage of not being customisable. Moodle is the most popular platform in the world today and it is open source. It is very popular because it is extremely flexible and engaging. It is perfect for those setting out on a learning experience or for those who are looking to replace platforms that are too expensive or too outdated compared to new online training models. The BASIC FUNCTIONS provided by Moodle include:

  • course creation
  • user registration
  • adding resources
  • assigning roles
  • assessment quizzes
  • distance interaction tools
  • tracking.


  • needs analysis
  • educational planning
  • course delivery
  • participation management
  • analysis
  • reporting.

Skilla has also chosen Moodle, developing advanced features that greatly improve the learning path. One of the most successful examples is the Classroom module that allows you to manage registrations, sessions and the locations of classes, as well as advertising courses and sharing news and materials. The Storytelling application gives the floor to the participants and invites them to tell their side of the story regarding the key issues of a course. Gamification allows the organisation of challenges between participants various awards may be put up for grabs by the company. Once you have chosen our platform, all that’s left is to launch it. To do so, and to start on the right foot, you will undoubtedly find the following five golden rules helpful:

  1. define the macro objectives
  2. carefully consider what the environment that you are designing will be used for
  3. organise an internal support network
  4. define a sturdy user data file and profile it in detail
  5. take into account all the interaction and content.

This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 1: “choosing an eLearning platform”. Andrea Boriani

written by: Andrea Boriani , 20 September 2016

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