5 golden rules to make compulsory eLearning training courses engaging

What comes to mind when we talk about compulsory training? Without doubt boring and endless lessons: is it not time to change? “Compulsory” training often diverts attention and leads us to think of training focused on the cold content of legislation. Moreover, in recent years, there is a tendency on the part of the legislature to define training requirements as well as the content, duration, mode of use and certification. The result? Courses structured according to these provisions, but that only regard the law and go no further. Low cost decisions and almost always dictated by the rush to comply justify long, boring and mostly decontextualized courses. These decisions unfortunately adversely affect the remaining training the company provides, putting other eLearning courses in a bad light. How can compulsory training courses be made engaging? How can participation and the application of regulatory provisions be activated? We recommend these 5 golden rules.

  1. MOTIVATE people and explain the importance of the topics to them.
  2. MODULATE: invest time and resources in course design to structure legislation texts in short and self-contained modules the course must be experienced in steps, with a goal reached at the end of each step.
  3. CONTEXTUALISE. A mistake that must absolutely be avoided is that of showing the content of legislation in the courses just as they: they need to be contextualized by providing practical examples and typical situations.
  4. INVOLVE. Use language that is clear, simple, varying the pace of the training, using different languages, and why not, alternate the content of the Legislature with behavioural training.
  5. BLENDED PROGRAMMES. Classroom training or e-learning? Making a choice does not mean excluding the other type: classroom training does not disappear it is given a new meaning. The content of the classroom training should be focused on practical demonstrations, technical content, sensitive issues and simulations. E-learning content supports classroom training by focusing on legislation and personal reflection.

This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 3: “compulsory eLearning training” Elisa Cipriani

written by: Elisa Cipriani , 17 March 2016

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