A successful sales network: how to create it in 4 steps

Creating a successful sales network means strengthening the opportunities for growth and development of the entire company. It means transferring content, and making knowledge available to technical salesmen that will improve:

  • the relationship with the customer at all stages of the sales process
  • the organisation of time.

Mobile learning is the winning solution, because it allows you to transform training from activities to be endured to modulating activities based on the specific needs of each saleman, constantly available for:

  • support
  • updating
  • training

The portability of mobile devices increases the productivity of the time factor, extending use to all those moments at work that are typically unproductive, such as movements or waiting, during which it is possible to access corporate training assets and make the sales activity more effective. How to realise training courses that are useful and effective? FIRST STEP: select the content. Carefully consider what to say. Effectiveness is combined with summarised and punctual information. Avoid long product descriptions, but always explain the features in terms of benefits for different target customers. STEP TWO: organise the content. Mobile training is discontinuous and fragmented by nature. The content should be in small parts, organised in tiny units of self-consistent learning, so as to allow non-linear fruition, which is instead fragmented depending on the available time or the training needs. STEP THREE: develop resources that have an impact and are easy to store, combining the use of keywords with eye-catching graphics, to facilitate the memorisation of concepts and main content. In fact, an intelligent graphical representation of content simplifies assimilation and enhances its effectiveness. The use of infographics and visual thinking is also an excellent idea. FOURTH STEP: to create customisable and autonomous courses according to the needs and characteristics of each salesman. It is therefore necessary to begin with the realisation that it is not the salesman who has to adapt to rigid and outdated formats. It is instead the training that must be modelled on the organisational needs and knowledge of each salesman, designing agile and flexible programmes. This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 14: “eLearning for training salesmen” Lorena Patacchini

written by: Lorena Patacchini , 24 March 2016

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