Webinar skilla 2017 – skillaLibrary+. Tutto il bello dell’eLearning

skillaLibrary+is skilla’s new subscription offering with over 200 training pill learning paths that enrich online environments, stimulate self-training and keep Accademy designers/trainers up-to-date. A unique business training environment featuring services for trainers, online courses and tools for effective and participatory eLearning. Both small and large organisations such as Canali, CFTM, DPV, Honda, Sas Institute, Sisal, TIM, Unicredit and Volksbankhave already joined the initiative. You can subscribe, too! Click hereto learn more about the tools that skillaLibrary+ provides to effectively launch eLearning in your company.

Scritto da: Team Skilla il 16 Febbraio 2017

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