Train the Trainer: a training course for trainers of e-learning

E-learning: can designers and trainers within the company be autonomous in the creation of efficient learning courses? In the last few months, this is an increasingly frequent request from our clients. We believe that this request is triggered by a natural drive towards “ecological” training which limits waste and optimises a company’s internal resources. Companies are becoming aware of the fact that they have strong potential within them, made up of human and technological resources that can provide a satisfying solution to a substantial part of their training needs. We have accepted this new trend as a challenge and devised a training course aimed at creating company Academies consisting of trainers, designers and experts within the company who are able to produce learning architectures autonomously, which havea strong component of e-learning. In this way, we bring our experience to companies and we accompany the course participants step by step through all the creation phases of an e-learning course: from macro-planning up to the multi-media implementation of the SCORM object. Some notes from our logbook: we meet people who are passionate, curious, receptive and ready to “get their hands dirty”, trainers who are truly willing to learn, reversing the usual roles. We leave the classroom with the pleasant sensation of having given people something useful which is immediately applicable. We feel welcomed by companies, we become aware of their internal logics and dynamics which helps us learn too we open ourselves to an exchange of ideas which leads to mutual enrichment and, over time, to the creation of a wider community of experts who experiment, compare, learn. Alessandra Scapati

written by: Alessandra Scapati , 24 March 2014

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