Prezi: A digital instrument for creating high-impact presentations

Prezi is an online application that enables you to create effective and engaging presentations in a short space of time thanks to the aid and addition of animations, videos, images, music and texts. Prezi offers a valuable alternative to traditional software for creating presentations (Powerpoint, Impress and Keynote). The application’s underlying rationale is the possibility it offers of exploring one’s project using the zoom-in and zoom-out function. Starting from an overall view, with one click it is possible to focus on details of the presentation, making your work very dynamic. ADVANTAGES OF PREZI Compared to other software, it has several advantages in terms of visual impact, communicative power and preparation time, thanks to its properties.

  1. Multiple Channels: It is a simple matter to supplement videos, images, texts and music. Multiple Channels make the presentation livelier and keep the audience’s attention. Moreover, this instrument promotes visual thinking, i.e. image-based cognition and learning.
  2. Dynamism: Unlike other software that forces the teacher to follow a straight sequential path, Prezi provides a map-making feature and so a route that can differ each time, easily adaptable to the requirements of the audience.
  3. Simplicity: The application is very intuitive and easy to learn. Obtaining the same impact using other software would take a lot more time and would need to draw on a series of professional skills. Thanks to its graphics and pre-defined templates, Prezi enables us, completely independently, to create functional and graphically captivating presentations.
  4. Cloud-based: It does not need to be downloaded onto your computer, so it is possible to work directly on-line. First and foremost, we can use it without having our program blocked by corporate security systems, and then we can access our presentations anywhere at all and on any other computer.
  5. Collaborative: By using the ‘share’ function, it is possible to modify and work in groups on the same presentation.

Prezi is without a doubt the best tool for presenting ideas and for keeping your audience focused. Now the only thing you need to do in order to surprise your colleagues or customers is to visit the website and try out its many functions!

Federico Amicucci

written by: Federico Amicucci , 4 October 2013

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