Intranet and web TV are ideal corporate environments for recruiting and training staff in an immediate, continuous and on-demand manner they are the meeting point between communication, development and training. The company intranet can become a means of collaboration for people and a starting point to start learning courses. If the training objective is to promote the integration of new employees and guide them within the company, you can develop virtual tours or interactive animations, thereby facilitating the insertion process. To this end, establishing courses on corporate values, in order to increase the sense of belonging, can be another useful step. Web TV can become an addictive and engaging learning tool through which to disseminate light edutainment objects which can transform training time, which is usually considered boring, into a pleasant and challenging time:

  • cartoons – to convey messages with humour
  • company fictional dramas – with actors, to simulate organisational behaviour and recommend tips and best practices
  • we are the protagonists – fictional dramas in which the actors are the company’s workers
  • culture tips – quotations, memos and news that stimulate the mind
  • physical, emotional and mental training exercises
  • company Tg based on themes – as serial cartoons to spread corporate values ??or communicate important issues for the organisation.

Is it therefore possible to use the intranet and web TV as continuous learning environments? The answer is yes. It takes 3 simple steps: First step. BRIN TOGETHER A TEAM: create a cross-team, where there are internal communication, development and training. Underlying everything there is, in fact, a need for strong integration between these areas. Second step. DEFINE THE specific ROLE for intranet and web TV compared to other spaces dedicated to training. Third step. CREATE A well-structured SCHEDULE, setting out the methods for providing content and which proposes new ones every day. This topic was covered in posterLab no. 30: “intranet and web tv as training environments”. Cristina Egidi

written by: Cristina Egidi , 7 April 2016

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