Good habits start at the desktop

Increasing human capital and investing in culture to add value to the business, with a view to innovation and completeness: Re-conceiving the company as a great gymnasium that has to intervene not just in what is already known, but also in what is there in potential, both in people’s minds and in their bodies. These are the pre-conditions that have to be obeyed by each investment made in training: as they say: “mens sana in corpore sano” has never been truer or more authentic. By offering opportunities for physical exercise and music therapy, for example, not only do we impart the correct management of bodies inside the workplace (and beyond), we also enable employees and collaborators to find periods of functional and satisfying relaxation which will serve to improve performance and productivity, reducing stress and stimulating creativity in their problem solving. Just as with the body, the mind needs to be stimulated beyond technical and regulatory knowledge. Reading and socializing, transmitting messages in ways that are clear, rapid and lucid, breaking up the working day with background study, interaction and exchange of ideas. The time for a coffee break or a few minutes spent navigating in the network or sending a tweet: This is enough for self-education, for internal and external well-being. At the turn of each year – a crucial period in which we take stock but also begin to sketch out and to embark on new undertakings with ideas for the coming year – should we not take advantage of this special time to lay out a training course for business values, which is also an investment and a gift to the whole organization? Efficiency and efficacy can be renewed if we start with basic resources: people. With that, I send my best wishes for the season to everyone! Click here to discover the Skilla ideas for the New Year period. Margherita Flagiello

written by: Margherita Flagiello , 10 December 2013

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