Performance management, the Telecom experience: how to positively communicate evaluation and development plans?

Evaluation and development plans are among the strategic instruments in which a company’s performance management can invest that trigger the idea and willingness to undertake a course of personal improvement in every collaborator, which is at the same time aligned with the company’s macro-objectives. However, it is often the case that these processes are seen as obligatory courses and for this reason they are endured passively. For this reason, it is important to put in motion a process of innovation of training methodologies, languages and instruments in order to involve and support evaluators and the evaluated in dealing with the process of evaluation, starting with giving them a clear vision of the whole course: phases, objectives, deadlines, core competences, use of company software, etc. In the last few years, Skilla has experimented its methodology also in this field and, thanks to the numerous requests received, genuine made-to-measure courses have been created in response to various needs: integrated campaigns of training and communication, launch interfaces with high-impact graphics, introductory cartoons, metaphors and animated guides, manuals for evaluators. And more: training pills, illustrated cards, operational techniques on transversal competences for processing such as judgement objectives, development orientation and interpersonal sensibility. There have been many experiences, all unique to their kind. To quote an example, recently the Space for Growth project was launched, a multimedia course created for Telecom Italia, which was issued to evaluated users gradually, to integrate and support of development plans that had already been scheduled. The objective was to train people in a capillary and widespread way on the critical skills that had emerged during the evaluation of their performance. To make the time spent training more pleasant and engaging, a guiding metaphor was created: the space to explore was dotted with many different languages such as tests, cartoons, films, games, works of art and much more. A new way to deal with strengthening core competences in a new and engaging perspective. Elisa Cipriani

written by: Elisa Cipriani , 23 May 2014

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