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Fosway 9-Grid 2021™, Skilla Solid Performer, again!

Skilla confirms itself as “solid performer” for the second year running in the new “Fosway 9-Grid 2021™

The new “9-Grid 2021™” by Fosway was published a few days ago and is dedicated to the assessment of major companies active on the digital learning market. For the second year in a row, Skilla confirms its presence and “solid performance”.

According to studies by top analysts, rolled out by the research institute Fosway, one of the most prestigious and authoritative research centres in the field of data analysis and creator of the multidimensional analysis method called “9-grid”, Skilla continues to be the only Italian company present in the assessment, reconfirming its position as a “solid performer” and even conquering a better positioning on the grid.

5 aspects of the digital learning market

The multidimensional analysis model created by Fosway takes into consideration 5 aspects that characterise the digital learning market. By comparing the various solutions adopted by the most authoritative providers, it recognised Skilla as having a good performance level (1), potential (2), presence on the market (3), future trajectory in terms of growth (4) and so-called “total cost of ownership (5)” which refers to the total cost for the acquisition, implementation and management of proposed eLearning solutions.

The comparison of the performance levels of Skilla and other digital market players, by observing solutions adopted by all companies for all 5 of the aforementioned aspects, has reconfirmed Skilla as a company with a solid overall and market performance level, proven experience in generating “customer loyalty” and a good capacity for searching for simple solutions while also responding to the specific needs of different company contexts.

Training trends in the digital field

Reading the new edition of the Fosway study provides useful insight into the performance levels of major players on the market and also helps us to visualise major training trends in the digital field. The following emerges upon reading the analysis:

  • Demand for the “Microlearning” method remains high
  • The need to integrate moments dedicated to learning within the workflow is increasingly strong
  • The benefits learning brings in terms of improved performance levels and overall company staff experience are key differentiation factors for those who train and for company teams dedicated to “learning & development”
  • Surprisingly, “Mobile first” learning has been somewhat sidelined in the current emergency period, due to the prevalence of smart working. However, it is still taken into consideration and may potentially gain ground once more as soon as we overcome the most critical phase of the emergency
  • “Partnerships” and cooperation between different providers are constantly on the rise on European and international markets
  • The origin, credibility, quality and authoritativeness of contents are confirmed as distinctive elements in terms of training provider differentiation

In line with current trends and above all in light of results achieved over the last few years, Skilla is proud to have reconfirmed its presence in the latest edition of 9 Grid Fosway, proof of the immense care and attention it has always dedicated to the optimisation of online learning methods and its increasingly extensive offering of catalogue-listed and tailor-made eLearning courses for populations of global companies.

Now Click here to download the full report!

written by: Team Skilla , 21 July 2021

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