The true power of New Corporate Academies

Corporate Academies are the new strategic asset of digital businesses over the past 10 years, in response to the evolution of the market and consumption numerous companies have decided to pursue the path of innovation by implementing bold changes to their business models. One of the most brilliant and courageous innovative solutions was to concentrate a substantial part of investment in the training sector. To bet on the development of corporate human resources as a real strategic asset, transforming human capital into a success factor that needs managing and developing with continuity, method and focus on the business. However, taking this path also means innovating the concept of a Corporate Academy. Academies, which manage growth and innovation in a structured manner, are increasingly becoming the core corporate entity that guarantees competitiveness and change, as well as a physical and virtual place in which to share knowledge, values, behaviour and strategies. It is a revolution that is not limited to large corporate groups, but belongs to companies of all sizes that, by preserving and reinforcing their distinctive skills, create a stimulating internal environment and enhance their business leadership on the market. From the Widevalue observatory, a managerial training company whose core activities include the structuring, organisation and development of Academies in Italy, it emerges that most of the new generation Italian Academies (apart from certain exceptions) have light organisations , with a limited number of dedicated strategic resources. These organisations skilfully ensure the transmission of innovative skills, develop high-potential talent, maintain the company’s know-how and values and share their business culture. They also guarantee increased profitability and return on investment, becoming a corporate lever for the brand positioning strategy and enhancing internal and external communication. It is a path that creates a sense of belonging to the goal of revolutionising the concept of learning in Italy, which is gradually becoming richer in stimuli, thereby also helping to overcome self-referentiality. As confirmed by Cesare Gangi, Widevalue’s MD, “All Academies have links to Universities and training schools. However, the need we have encountered is linked to the need for ‘debate’ among professionals, a search for ever-increasing opportunities for stimulation, discussion and benchmarking. That’s why we have founded the Corporate Academy Club Meeting“.Gangi continues: “The initiative began in January 2015 with a desire to create an informal table that is open to dialogue on the issue of managerial development, an exchange of models, ideas and best practices to make Academies and corporate learning structures centres of business and value creation. It takes place two or three times a year and participation is by invitation, bringing together about 20/25 companies from different economic sectors. The meetings take place at companies that from time to time put themselves forward to host their colleagues. It is an opportunity for experts to ‘informally exchange ideas’ aimed at strengthening the results, energy and image of Corporate Academies”. Valentina Vighi Open Training Director

written by: Valentina Vighi , 9 June 2017

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