Exploring eLearning: the first national event on eLearning for enterprises

Why an eLearning event? The digital wave has had a disruptive impact on society: corporate training has been profoundly affected, but too many organisations are struggling to adapt, maintaining the old-fashioned patterns typical to industrial society, with catalogues based primarily on the traditional classroom and on now obsolete eLearning methods. A twofold challenge is facing the corporate training sector:

  1. to innovate itself
  2. to place the digital innovation of its organisation at the core of its programmes.

exploring eLearning is a national event promoted by Skilla, with the support of Hdemia – LUISS Guido Carli and collaboration of Italian and international universities, Academies of large organisations and through a network of partners, which seeks to explore in an original format the key innovations of digital training occurring domestically and at international level. The event, restricted to a maximum of 360 participants, is targeted at the managers of human resources , training, development, intranet and ITof all organisations with an interest in investing in the future. 36 themes dealt with using the posterLab format. The event is based on a format that is innovative in structure and implementation. It reverses traditional formats based on speakers and passive listening participants and instead privileges an activity with a high level of engagement: full immersion in learning and in digital encounter. Mega Screens, 70 business case studies and continuous interaction between participants, witnesses and organisers, integration with social networks to promote shared participation. The posterLab model, devised by Skilla, is inspired by the format of posters of international scientific conferences. In any posterLab, the content is presented using video or multimedia infographics, on large interactive Samsung displays. Busines case studies will follow as well as interaction between participants, witnesses and organisers, integration with social networks to promote shared participation. Access is for a maximum of 30 participants for each poster session, which will last 40 minutes. The same poster session will be repeated several times over two days. Each registered person can participate directly in 12 poster sessions, and may reuse all film footage, infographics, documents of the scientific committee of all 36 posterLabs. The content of the 36 posterLabs:

  1. choose an eLearning platform
  2. from PowerPoint to multimedia tutorial
  3. obligatory training in eLearning
  4. from the creation of the e-book to the management of editorial collections
  5. design and beauty in eLearning
  6. training of internal trainers 2.0
  7. training with webinars
  8. a genuinely blended training
  9. self-learning
  10. communicating and involving participants in eLearning courses
  11. eLearning for induction of new recruits
  12. eLearning for performance management
  13. eLearning for quality of the front-line
  14. eLearning for sales staff training
  15. coaching and eLearning for leadership development
  16. eLearning on interculturality and diversity management
  17. eLearning for change management
  18. eLearning for project management
  19. eLearning on corporate processes and procedures
  20. eLearning accompanying the introduction of new softwares
  21. eLearning on the product
  22. minimum level of digital skills
  23. reverse mentoring
  24. gamification
  25. digital social learning
  26. certifications and open badges
  27. visual thinking and dynamic infographics
  28. company libraries with internal and external resources. MOOCs.
  29. independently producing eLearning courses
  30. intranet and web tv as training environments
  31. mobile learning
  32. from SCORM to TIN CAN
  33. learning with simulators
  34. artificial intelligence and big data, horizons for eLearning
  35. digital storytelling
  36. digital learning ecosystems

Participatory planning. 15 preparatory meetings are envisaged at the participating companies, one or two per month, with a maximum of 20 participants. The first meeting, hosted by ClubMed in February, was devoted to a more in-depth look at the posterLab on Mobile Learning, while March was devoted to a closer look at the posterLab on Self-learning at Sisal. An area reserved for sharing links and materials is also available to those registered for the event: the community of participants may contribute to the planning of exploring eLearning, and contribute to its enrichment with questions, experiences and resources. Discover the website dedicated to the event will! The Amicucci Formazione method from the Skilla team

written by: team di Skilla , 13 March 2015

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