skillaHub: Do you know the new tools? The integrated training environment is constantly evolving technologically!

skillaHUB is a platform – based on Moodle – developed by skilla for complete training management. A single eLearning environment for all training activities, ranging from the use of online courses and classroom/webinar management, right up to individual curriculum profiling. Each path can be composed of and customised using the pills available. Below are some of the main technological innovations that were released during the two-year period from 2015 to 2016:

  • Performance Management System: an ad hoc module for managing the company’s performance management, including the assignment of goals, monitoring, assessment and the allocation of specific training resources
  • Development Action Plan/Needs Identification Module: a tool for communicating individual training needs following the manager’s approval
  • Classroom module: The plug-in allows blended classroom and eLearning integration, as well as the complete organisation and management of classroom and online courses
  • Home page grid module: flexible and customisable grid navigation interface that uses tabs to allow you to see which courses have been completed, those that are outstanding, mandatory or optional or, alternatively, to search by type of course and be able to highlight the most relevant category
  • Learning analytics: a tool for consulting the progress of company and individual learning, using summary and, if required, detailed charts. Each manager can see the training status of their staff and each individual can monitor the progress of their personal development plan
  • Gamification: Sharecontest, Storycontest and Photocontest are the 3 modules created to organise social and gamification activities to associate with training paths. A system for managing rankings and scores integrated with specific activities to promote participation and knowledge sharing
  • SkillaLibrary – search engine: a tool for searching (previously tagged) resources in corporate libraries, which can be searched by skill, role or type of learning object (e.g. ebook, training pill, etc.)
  • PlayList: a module for the creation of customised training paths, choosing from the courses available in the library. Each playlist can be associated with user groups.

The skilla IT team is working continuously to ensure that the environment is technologically avant-garde. See you at the next update!

written by: Chiara Moroni , 28 April 2017

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