Digitisation: 12 steps to becoming a digital citizen

Digitisationis the process of converting physical reality into discrete values, i.e. digital information, which is progressively involving every aspect of human existence, from the workplace to the intimate and personal spheres. Being a digital citizen means being able to access and use the broad possibilities offered by technologies for your private and working life. In 2017, not being a digital citizen means living almost completely on the margins of society. Often, a lack of culture and technical knowledge prevent the use of computers and digital systems. This month, the FrancoAngeli publishing house, together with skilla – Amicucci Formazione and Umberto Santucci, published the third part of the 12 step series (“12 steps to becoming a digital citizen. A guide for beginners and others“) aimed at people who are still on the margins of the digital world due to their age, mental agility or simply out of habit. The publication incorporates 12 training pills and many other multimedia materials for the development of digital working skills created by skilla – Amicucci Formazione. Why the need for such a manual? How many times have we heard the phrases: “computers are not for me”, “facebook is a public danger”, “you’re always on that mobile phone”, “there’s nothing like the smell of paper when you read an actual book”, etc. Nevertheless, the world is becoming increasingly digitalised, from home banking to e-commerce purchases, from e-mail to searches using Google. Let’s overcome our old fears and take the first step, then continue to take a new step every week so that we may become digital citizens in three months. “12 steps to enter the digital world” is not a technical manual, but rather provides help and suggestions on how to solve the practical problems we encounter in everyday life, at home and at work. Which questions does it answer? How to buy a computer? Is it better to choose a desktop or a mobile tablet? Which devices do I need for photocopying, printing and scanning images? How do I connect to the network? Further, after having bought the devices, what do I need to install on them in order to be able to write, perform calculations, process images and videos? How do I store our digital materials in order to be able to find and share them? How do I communicate using e-mail and social networks? How do I protect myself from tricks and virus attacks? In the book, which is available in hardcopy and ebook formats, there are answers to all these questions and practical solutions, expressed in simple terms, to the digital problems that have now become part of everyday life. The book also contains the indications of the multimedia training pills related to studying the chapter in greater detail. Umberto Santucci, curator and author of the book, has collected and developed materials that he and others have developed for the Amicucci Formazione catalogue for over 20 years. The 12 steps seriesincludes: Federico Amicucci

written by: Federico Amicucci , 28 June 2017

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