Corporate Academies: the 5 key skills of digital trainers

Corporate Academies are experiencing a major transformation: from distributors of training that provide courses at the request of various areas, they are becoming strategic partners, producing knowledge and contributing to the definition of business strategies. Let’s try to think of our company as a city teeming with life, on the move, in which training is the beating heart of a continuously changing ecosystem. If the training building is being renovated, how do the roles of those who work there change? Trainers, designers, teachers? Working in Corporate Academies that are increasingly focussed on the production of knowledge and strategic orientation, trainers play the role of architect, researcher and innovator. Let’s take a look at the 5 core competencies of digital trainers! SKILL 1 – research sources and content. Digital trainers never stop learning. They know how to research content in their field simply, how to verify its validity, filter and adapt it to meet the needs of their environment. SKILL 2 – organise and classify content. New trainers use internal and external environments to sort and classify content. They work in teams to design training content capitalisation and reusability environments. SKILL 3 – create engaging content. They know how to use new digital languages ??to create high-impact communication courses that are pleasant and engaging, even on subjects that are technical or considered boring. They involve participants in creating digital content. They reuse the wealth of films, images and training pills already present in the company. SKILL 4 – progress the class towards digitalisation. They knows how to create engaging, blended classes, supplementing tradition with digital innovation, involving every generation and corporate culture. SKILL 5 – manage the post-class period. They know how to manage involvement and the learning process in the post-class period, nurturing the community, self-learning, project work and certifications. So, here’s the challenge for new trainers: to enhance their role, they will have to acquire new digital, research and relationship skills. The topic was discussed in posterLab no. 6: “internal digital trainer training”. Chiara Moroni

written by: Chiara Moroni , 27 June 2016

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