15 Minutes of Self-Training, 15 Minutes of Freedom. Reflections on the Pleasure of Learning

Dedicating 15 minutes to self-training means taking time out for ourselves. 15 minutes without the phone, without e-mail, without distractions. 15 minutes in which we respond that we’re busy. Busy reading, discovering something about ourselves, watching a brief training video online or a pill. The hours are saturated with meetings, projects to manage, tasks to carry out and goals to reach. What little time is left over is absorbed by the unexpected, by emergencies, and by e-mails we still need to send. As much as we’re motivated to take on even the most challenging job, it isn’t always easy to resist the desire to take a break, on the banks of that wild river that is our typical day. Not only for the justifiable desire to rest, but to have the time to take a good look at that river, study how it flows, its currents, and, most of all, figure out whether we’re swimming in the right direction. It’s a time for reflection, a time for the future, a time for personal grwoth. Let’s take back our time, let’s take back our days. So let’s take a nice deep breath and close the doors, because today we’re dedicating 15 minutes to ourselves. And then we’ll do it again tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that. What person do I want to be tomorrow? What type of professional will I be? Where can I find out more about these prospects? Is there anything online that fits my situation? Could there be some articles I could read? Are there any resources on the company platform? What problem do I have today?Are there any problems to solve? What informational gap is preventing me from solving them? What don’t I know how to do that would be useful to me? Could not having any problems be itself a problem? It might seem like a paradox, but it’s a question of mentality, of training yourself to find solutions: a workshop that forges professionals and leaders capable of thinking outside the box (or the banks of the river). Let’s go hunting for something we don’t know. There’s no lack of information, in 15 minutes we’ll be more of an expert, and we’ll continue to become more of one with each passing day. Let’s take 15 minutes for ourselves, for our training, for our personal development. And then let’s let one of our collaborators know that this was the most productive day we’ve ever had. Now two of us know about it, and that’s how the pleasure of learning becomes contagious. Our organizations have no future if the people in them don’t desire those 15 minutes to dedicate to their own skills, and to reflect on their own habits. Because today learning is self-regulated, training is self-directed because continuous learning, learning that goes on for your entire life and that nourishes people in successful organizations, is not only necessary, but a fantastic experience. Marco Amicucci

written by: Marco Amicucci , 19 October 2017

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