An Hdemia for rethinking and innovating training and skill acquisition

Hdemia@architettidiapprendimento (Hdemia is pronounced ‘Akkademia’) is a new and challenging project in which Amicucci Formazione will play a leading role during 2014. Created by the Executive Education &amp People Management department of the LUISS Business School, in partnership with AX, the project is born of the success of the ‘Architects of Learning‘ management training program, which involved more than 200 professional trainers, researchers, executives, consultants and educators in the Rome and Milan areas between 2010 and 2012. Over recent years, scientific debate and organizational practice have highlighted how the capacity to manage knowledge effectively and to construct environments capable of stimulating growth and continuing education, both at the individual and collective levels, has become a strategic priority for every organization. But how is it possible to devise ever new training processes that can engage and stimulate passions and energies? How constantly to renew and extend the competencies and knowledge of all those taking part in corporate life? Despite being immersed in a culture in which education still tends to be considered something that happens in the traditional classroom, we notice ever more often the need and the desire to learn using new methodologies and idioms, to try out development opportunities in a more informal context, learning from others and with others. This is a complex challenge for those managing learning processes (within their organization or for their customers). They are called upon to rethink habitual strategies, instruments and models and to plan architectures for continuing education that are able to focus on the person with their individual needs, drives and their multiple intelligences. They have to construct welcoming learning environments that recognize and exploit the potentials in diversity. Hdemia@architettidiapprendimento (Akkademia@architectsoflearning) was born to find effective responses that move in this direction. Hdemia was devised as a standing innovational workshop where professionals and managers from a variety of organizational backgrounds can learn about and exchange ideas on transverse issues in personal education and development, in knowledge management and communication. The academy has scheduled a full agenda throughout 2014. Hdemia The proposed initiatives include webinars, company visits, benchmarking meetings, events, workshops, experience sharing, and procedures aimed at constructing or enlarging the learning architects’ toolbox. The proposal is rounded off with a bi-monthly updating newsletter and a virtual environment dedicated to the project, in which an open community can arise to share competencies, experience, good practice, instruments and projects with colleagues and experts from other organizational areas. There are three key dimensions guiding this proposed approach, over the different stages of involvement between Hdemia participants:

  1. Innovation and Research
  2. Global perspective
  3. Closeness to organizational practices

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written by: Sara Mormino , 10 January 2014

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