If you believe in your product, here are four good reasons to promote it via eLearning

Our product – whether it be a tangible asset or a service – is what we do, what we know how to do. We believe in our product. We worked day and night to make it a quality product. We racked our brains to make it innovative. Our product is our creation, we are proud of it, we look after it and we know it in detail. Here are four good reasons to promote our product via eLearning! ONE. eLearning on the product simplifies Knowledge Management and helps manage the transfer of knowledge between generations. Every person involved in production has valuable knowledge, which risks being lost unless it is shared and stored. Online training courses that collect, film and explain this wealth of knowledge ensure that company knowledge and know-how is preserved. Video is the preferred channel for storing manual knowledge, know-how that is difficult to describe in words. TWO. eLearning on the product promotes apprenticeship and training on production procedures. Online courses on the product help to communicate complex procedures and thereby help train all production employees uniformly and quickly. Well-made courses allow new employees to learn their jobs more quickly. THREE. Online training on the product boosts sales! Product knowledge is the basis of any sales process. Online courses make it easier to present the features and benefits of our products to customers. User-friendly material can be used for presentations and consulted on demand to answer any specific questions. Courses on sales techniques and on customer welcoming help shape the skills needed to be effective and achieve sales targets. FOUR. eLearning on the product makes the after-sales service more efficient. Customer support and after-sales operators have the task of transforming the experience of using the product into quality memories. The technical knowledge that after-sales operators require, usually found in huge manuals, can be transformed into agile audio-video lessons. In addition, the courses can be consulted quickly by the help desk, so that operators can be effective and fast in responding to any customer questions or concerns, which play a vital role in renewing our product and generating new ideas. This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 21: “product eLearning”. Chiara Moroni

written by: Chiara Moroni , 14 December 2016

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