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Flat and Skeuomorphic Design: The User’s Point of View

Flat design has been a trend over the last two years, which has been fully embraced by Microsoft and Google, but which was truly consecrated as a contemporary approach by the recent conversion of Apple (that last bastion of skeuomorphic design) in its iOS7 mobile operating system. Let’s unpack some of these terms. The term ‘skeuomorphic’ is generally applied to all those surface finishes that do not represent the actual material out of which the object is made. In the case of graphic ...
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An Hdemia for rethinking and innovating training and skill acquisition

An Hdemia for rethinking and innovating training and skill acquisition
Hdemia@architettidiapprendimento (Hdemia is pronounced ‘Akkademia’) is a new and challenging project in which Amicucci Formazione will play a leading role during 2014. Created by the Executive Education & People Management department of the LUISS Business School, in partnership with AX, the project is born of the success of the ‘Architects of Learning’ management training program, which involved more than 200 professional trainers, researchers, executives, consultants and educa...
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Good habits start at the desktop

Good habits start at the desktop
Increasing human capital and investing in culture to add value to the business, with a view to innovation and completeness: Re-conceiving the company as a great gymnasium that has to intervene not just in what is already known, but also in what is there in potential, both in people’s minds and in their bodies. These are the pre-conditions that have to be obeyed by each investment made in training: as they say: “mens sana in corpore sano” has never been truer or more authentic. By o...
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Responsive Design in Mobile Learning

Responsive Design: almost four years have passed since this term first appeared. Since then, the global community of designers and developers has embraced this approach, codified by Ethan Marcott, and terms such as fluid grids and breakpoints have by now gained currency in user-interface design, as much for web designers as for those dealing with web apps. The Web is full of articles on Responsive Design and associated technologies, and this contribution does not wish to tackle what should by now be se...
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