Why skillaBoard in Three Steps: Two Quotes and a Consideration.

The app that revolutionizes professional training. It’s called skillaBoard and it’s the new app created by Skilla. With it, classroom training will be totally different, uninterrupted and flexible. The way participants in a lesson interact will change radically. It’s like suddenly discovering, right smack in the middle of the digital transformation, that we have superpowers that no one else has. Quote #1. “Francesco, I need you to train me a bit on this app because I want to use it in my courses.” He’s Giuseppe, a professional trainer, a colleague who has traveled a long road and passed through extremely different cultural and digital ages. In fact he’s gone all the way from those fantastic transparencies you placed on top of overhead projectors and beamed up onto (possibly) white walls to Wi-Fi. Just like that, like going from one summer directly to the next and skipping all the seasons in between. Giuseppe is a true expert and not only because of all the experience he’s accumulated over time: he’s a walking toolbox you can draw on for ideas and information at any moment. And he’s one of those people who give their all, all the time: from overhead projectors to brainstorming done with Post-its, Giuseppe is one of the smart ones who absorb everything and take everything with them. That’s why skillaBoard caught his attention. He accepted it and proposed it to others without even considering his “digital divide,” or the classroom’s supremacy over the webinar, or who knows what else. Giuseppe realized the skillaBoard can be useful, here and now, in his work as a training professional. And he wants to learn how to use it. Great. Quote #2. “Let’s spread the word about using the skillaBoard system for group work,” on the other hand, is an anonymous quote, liberally taken from the comments on the evaluation of a training module in which a session with skillaBoard was introduced. It’s actually a comment we see often, one of those pleasant redundancies that, seeing them pop up so often, really make you believe in the digital tools that are being made available to enhance the “learning journey.” And when the consensus about the experience is so overwhelmingly positive and, most of all, points to a fundamental factor that is transforming training – networking and its connections – it means that you’re on the right track, a track that should not only be continued and extended but also experimented further. In fact, turning the corner toward experimentation just might be where the greatest satisfaction is to be found. Consideration.For companies that are structured and rooted territorially, and especially those with a long tradition, the topic of digital transformation is practically a core business. It’s “core” because it’s fundamentally a question of converting an existing (and, sometimes, a re-existing) model to make it more absorbent and receptive to a reality that’s decidedly more fluid and often indecipherable because it uses excessively rigid paradigms. But it’s the only way forward. It’s not about deciding what to do, therefore, but about understanding how to do it. And this is where the experts in the field often propose futuristic and extraordinary solutions that project the future directly into the present, forcing the present to adapt. Which can sometimes lead the two to clash. This is because, according to this rhetoric of impatience, it’s absolutely necessary torevolutionize what’s there now. Without considering that in a revolution you risk ending up right back where you began, despite having changed everything. SkillaBoard is a diametrically-opposed and winning example in the field of professional training. Why? Because rather than imposing an imagined future. it helps the present evolve by using a mindset that’s already rooted both in the training professionals and in the subjects being trained (the “learners”). SkillaBoard doesn’t tell you that the future of brainstorming or classroom management is something completely different and that you absolutely have to learn it it teaches you to do what you’re already familiar with in a way that’s easier and more immediate, by making the most out of the tools we already use in everyday life (smartphones, tablets, etc.). That is why skillaBoard is the future we want.

written by: Francesco Pietanza , 26 October 2017

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