Virtual Library: an environment to capitalise on the wealth of corporate knowledge

A virtual library, which can be configured technically as a web platform accessible from PCs and other mobile devices, is:

  • a Knowledge Management and learning ecosystem
  • a hub for interconnecting networks and nodes of corporate knowledge
  • a highly flexible and customisable environment to capitalise on the wealth of corporate knowledge, integrating it with knowledge available on the web.

In fact, there is often a wealth of knowledge in organisations that remains fragmented and isolated in different areas of knowledge management. Adopting a virtual corporate library can capitalise on it and make it available for the development of the entire organisation. Let’s take a look at the main features.


It can be used in many areas:

  • individual, cross-functional and organisational training and learning
  • support for organisational and cultural change (Change Management – Diversity and Intercultural management)
  • Talent management and People development
  • provision of non-work related content for family members of employees and other outside stakeholders
  • Employer Branding
  • internal communication and the development of professional/managerial communities.


What can users do in this environment?

  • use digital resources
  • social marking: tagging, likes, polls
  • create (individual and collaborative) digital content
  • participate in online contests and conversations
  • support individually or group project work.


An environment that can be updated and built up continuously in different ways:

  • content related to corporate/functional knowledge
  • content selected by external consultants
  • content recommended by company employees
  • content from the web that has been filtered and checked by the editorial staff.


It can store many types of content:

  • audiobooks/Podcasts
  • multimedia courses
  • handouts
  • extracts
  • video clips
  • how to
  • interviews
  • lessons
  • manuals
  • ebooks
  • tests
  • essays
  • lists of websites/bibliographies/filmographies
  • film clips
  • ads
  • studies/research
  • testimonials
  • trailers
  • books/magazines
  • MOOCs

The library becomes a meta-environment of learning, an intelligent platform that integrates different resources and sources of knowledge both internal and external to the company. This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 28: “corporate libraries with internal and external resources. MOOCs.” Sara Fabiano

written by: Sara Fabiano , 12 October 2016

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