Using eLearning to introduce new software in a company: 5 tips to start

Accompanying people on a journey dedicated to the introduction of new software in a company is one of the most interesting challenges in eLearning. How can we engage and motivate the entire organisation and win over initial resistance in the face of change? Company experience has taught us that it is difficult to accept the implementation of new IT systems when the benefits and advantages are unclear to the recipients. However, riding the wave of technological change and engaging as many colleagues as possible is still possible using tools such as video commercials, mascots, cartoons, infographics, gadgets and mousepads, which are an appealing way to provide useful information. Thanks to these five valuable tips, creating a real user guide for the new software will be even easier:

  1. Break down
  2. Clarify
  3. Simulate
  4. Check
  5. Support

BREAK DOWN: divide the content into self-contained educational units within a practical and efficient on demand guide, as users must have the solution to their problems on hand anytime, anywhere. Drill-downs and advanced features can be treated separately using PDF sheets or classroom sessions. CLARIFY: use simple and precise language, which do not assume knowledge of technical terms. SIMULATE: use examples that are realistic and accurate, together with screen shots. CHECK: plan intermediate or final tests to verify learning levels, because they ensure that the key steps are memorised. SUPPORT: include materials such as a glossary and FAQ with contact details for direct assistance in the guide, so that the user always has a continuous point of reference. Lastly, address any change positively by conveying enthusiasm! This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 20: “eLearning to accompany the introduction of new software” Mauro Paoletti

written by: Mauro Paoletti , 28 December 2016

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