Two new values for the Skilla Manifesto: Connecting Minds and Training as Social Responsibility

As already highlighted by Alessandro Pollini in one of his articles: “A Manifesto establishes the identity profile of a company, and simultaneously lays out its vision and mission. For example, Skilla’s Manifesto establishes the principles that inspire every action within the company, resulting in a product that can be identified and attributed to the producer itself. When these principles guide the work of everyone, the group, and the entire organisation, the Manifesto not only becomes a founding charter, but also a living testament that can and must be reflected in our everyday practices.” Two guiding principles have been added to Skilla’s method:

  1. CONNECTING MINDS. To stimulate SOCIAL LEARNING, the collective intelligence of individuals, trainers and organisations.
  2. Human knowledge, development, and the wellbeing of individuals and organisations are increasingly linked to the ability to build networks, to engage in dialogue, and to create environments that facilitate Social Learning, the sharing of experiences, and the dissemination of different ideas. The creation of the future and its quality will depend on the collective intelligence and virtuous circuits that people will be able to activate, even with training.

  3. Training people is an act of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.
  4. Training people is an act of social responsibility. In fact, the training and skills acquired are the “intellectual currency” that contributes to the individual’s professional and social security. Training is a fundamental component of the new welfare, because the technological revolution the and rapid changes taking place risk creating new forms of marginalisation within organisations and society.

Click here to download Skilla’s Manifesto. The Skilla Staff

written by: Staff skilla , 18 September 2018

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