The learning path to face for the challenges of the future

Technological transformation is just one of the great challenges facing us. In addition, there are demographic changes, globalisation, new powers in the international equilibriums, increased virtual interconnections between people and objects, exponential increases in data and progress in the field of medicine.

These great changes make technical knowledge obsolete at an incredible rate. The knowledge you will need in 10 years’ time doesn’t exist today.

However, a complex, fast, continuously changing, globalised, techno-centric world doesn’t just need new knowledge to manage it, but also an important set of soft skills.

Today, one of the goals of those involved in managing people is to create a work-force capable of dealing with change and global challenges. Organisations need the right mindset to meet the challenges of the future and the present.

For example, if technical knowledge quickly becomes obsolete, learning agility becomes a priority. If the world becomes globalised, the ability to manage diversity becomes a priority. If the world becomes more complex, collaborative problem solving becomes a priority.

This is why we have created a learning path that can accompany anyone to help them develop the 7 key skills required to prolong success and high performance.

The learning path consists of 21 short e-learning courses. Each course is called a training pill and features training objects that are interactive, involving and able to stimulate different types of intelligence.

written by: Team Skilla , 5 October 2018

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