skillaBoard, a tool capable of making the classroom interactive, constructive and engaging

skillaBoard represents the answer to a very current topic: classroom innovation. This implies a certain degree of liquidity, since corporate training and adult learning contexts are changing continuously and there is an increasing trend towards a more operational and participatory type of learning. It is an ecosystem of simple and immediate environments that support the design, projection, interaction and tracking phases of classroom activities. What is skillaBoard? skillaBoardis a cloud tool, designed to enhance the corporate training experience. The trainer can create classrooms and enhance them by using interactive tools that allow direct participation via a free app. What do you need to get started? The good design of classroom activities is undoubtedly an important requirement: skillaBoard naturally divides the class into self-consistent periods called steps. Each step can be of a different type: from a mere delivery tool, such as a video, to an interactive activity, such as a Poll or a Canvas. By using Canvas, a participant can submit their contributions to the projection screen, facilitating activities that involve sharing previous experiences or assessment activities regarding that which has been learned. Using Poll allows questions to be asked in order to test the degree of learning of a concept or perform an assessment on the level of a classroom with real-time results displayed on the projection screen. Ok, but technologically speaking?

  • All that’s needed is a laptop or tablet, a projector (or LCD screen) and an internet connection:
  • the trainer uses the COMPOSER to create and manage classrooms
  • the VIEWER is used to project the session
  • the APP is used to collect participant contributions.

It is not necessary for participants to create an account, they just need to open the app and enter the session code. Once the session is over, it will be accessible from a archive and may be exported for further processing. Advantages

  1. You can diverge from the usual slides, offering a more enveloping classroom experience.
  2. You can practice the design of training activities.
  3. You can avoid the downtime required for complex systems installation and the creation of accounts or passwords by participants.
  4. You can involve participants directly, thereby reducing activation times for sharing and assessment activities.
  5. You can track all the contributions received during the session in order to make the follow-up activities more agile and immediate.

Paolo Limoncelli

written by: Paolo Limoncelli , 20 April 2017

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