Project management in 12 steps

Want to learn to manage a project in three months? Are you already a project manager, but you would like a practical manual to guide you and refresh your memory on the various stages of a project? All you need are 12 steps, one step per week, and in three months your approach to the project will be completely changed. In general projects are associated with engineers and architects, and it is thought they are only needed to build complex structures like buildings, a bridge or a factory. Project planning is however the basis of any human activity, because man is endowed with the capacity to imagine what he can do, what he can have others do, where he wants to arrive and what he wants to build, destroy or acquire. The route between the desire and the goal is the project. We all therefore have our own projects: whether large or small, whether short, medium or long term. Anyone can achieve their goal either going ahead blindly or making use of techniques and tools that have been tried and tested for over a century. This book shows how: read the profile to learn more. About the author For over 25 years I have been working with Amicucci Formazione, and over the years we have collected a large quantity of material that has been used initially in the classroom, and subsequently on company Intranets and on the web. Drawing freely from these materials, in collaboration with the publisher Franco Angeli, we are creating the series “12 steps”, practical manuals that lead the student through a 12-stage self-training course, to acquire abilities such as problem solving, project management, and the new skills required for smart working. Was there any need for yet another book on project management? The numerous and valid books that already exist are mostly written by engineers for engineers.

I am an artist, a communicator and a problem solver and I have always worked on projects. Even if with modern technologies, I have always done things the way the Renaissance artists did, great problem solvers to Princes and Popes, whose projects ranged from cathedrals and war machines to projects for celebrations, ballrooms and gardens. In my 12 steps I have taken into account the tools and methods of both traditional project management and agile project management, but I present their basic uses in a way that anyone can access, without going into obscure technicalities. My book is not aimed at super expert and well qualified project managers, but is for all those who want to use tried and tested methods for dealing with personal projects as well, such as organising a party with friends or moving home.

Umberto Santucci

written by: Umberto Santucci , 18 September 2015

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