Project Management: how to develop an eLearning path in 12 steps!

Project managementis a way of working, often thought of as for specialists, which can actually be learned easily at all levels of the organisation. Companies increasingly use project methodology eLearning is an ideal channel for developing a widespread culture of project management that optimises the time devoted to training. Let’s see an example of how to structure an eLearning course in 12 steps, supplemented by case studies that reflect project management in your organisation and must be followed in whole or in part depending upon your level: novice or expert Project Manager?

  1. Define your project: find the answers to all the questions to achieve your goal with the resources available.
  2. Identify the project resources: optimises the people, time and budget available.
  3. Know all the stakeholders: from the sponsor to the project team and the end users.
  4. Divide the project into blocks: identify the milestones that need to be achieved.
  5. Assign roles and tasks to the team: identify who does what and when for each task.
  6. Schedule time: define the date by which to reach the various stages of the project.
  7. Check the output of each phase: especially the quality!
  8. Manage project changes: renegotiate resources to achieve the goal.
  9. Check and complete the project life-cycle: assess how much results deviate from the targets set and why they do so.
  10. Manage the quality: verify compliance with requirements and strive to satisfy the customer.
  11. Document and communicate the project: you will have a guide for the team and a wealth of knowledge for future projects.
  12. After the project: maturity and certification. Design maturity also consists of being equipped with tools and methods for continuous improvement in project management.

We recommend a few free tools selected from the web that can be of use in improving project management: Project Libre A free downloadable program, similar to MS Project Tom’s Planner For creating your Gantt chart in which to assign tasks and deadlines, inserting spreadsheets, etc. Trello A virtual bulletin board on which to manage ideas, things to do, work in progress, tasks completed. Each sheet may contain images, videos, graphics, text and can be shared with the working group. Doodle An online agenda used to organise events and meetings or manage appointments and working groups. Target Process A set of tools suited to more advanced project management. This topic was discussed in posterLab no. 18: “eLearning for project management” Sara Fabiano

written by: Sara Fabiano , 5 September 2016

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