MoodleAX: advanced modules for managing training, blended learning and gami?cation

What are the new features of MoodleAX and of the modules designed by Amicucci Formazione to integrate training, skills, blended learning and gamification? Can a flexible and integrated e-learning platform support staff in the skills development process? Having a well-structured e-learning system is more and more becoming a strategic vehicle to facilitate the management, participation, engagement and monitoring of training delivered. To accomplish the transition from e-learning to an integrated Academy, we have developed new advanced modules for Moodle:

  • classrooms. The module covers the entire life cycle of the classroom: from creating the information database to the requirements needed for signing up for a course and on to providing the teaching materials and follow-up
  • skills, with a section for tagging and points
  • curriculum of the skills associated with the person
  • invitation and remind which can be either automatic or manual.

While a platform supports personnel in the skills development process, social networking and gami?cation stimulate sharing, participation and motivation among users. By virtue of the flexibility and graphic personalisation offered by Moodle, the playful concept, or rather “having fun while doing something!” can be applied to the training process. How? By launching a positive competition that rewards either individuals or the team creating a gamification history. At the end of the “competition” the course member will acquire skills that can be shared publicly by means of open badges, an international standard developed by the Mozilla foundation. The curriculum therefore becomes transformed into open badges with a whole host of advantages, among which are: transferability and the possibility of certifying self-training as well, something that is becoming more and more important for professional development. Melissa Vallesi

written by: Melissa Vallesi , 24 November 2015

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