LearningPath – Easy Blended. The new Skilla format

What is a LearningPath?

Narrative is not only a method for fostering learning it is also a way to conceptualize the learning process. M. Carolyn Clark, Marsha Rossiter Have you ever organised a blended learning process and thought that something didn’t work? Have you heard of narrative learning but it seems to be a difficult theory to apply to e-learning? In this post we present the new Skilla format that tries to answer these questions. In the meantime, let’ make an important statement: it is not enough to buy e-learning courses to create effective blended learning paths. In order to make a course a significant learning experience it needs to have a story, an idea and an image of the route it needs to take. The learningPath format was devised by Amicucci Formazione to pass from the e-learning product logic to that of a learning experience in order to make training an engaging learning experience. Each path that has a selection of SkillaLibrary pills allows you to create a new training “narrative” which makes it engaging. The LearningPath is first and foremost a visual, immediate and captivating representation of the proposed blended path. It is a blended learning method that has already been mapped out, that is easy to use, with fast installation, management and use. Each LearningPath has a wide range of pre-selected resources: training pills, videos, films, books and ted’s to integrate as part of the classroom and webinar programmes already available in the company’s catalogue. The formula is completed with a support for the Trainer, in order to facilitate management in every phase and area of action: Development, Communication, Gamification and Open Badge.

Contents and resources

Pre-selected training resources and materials that are ready to be loaded with ease into your environment:

  • training pills
  • ebooks
  • initial questionnaires
  • end of course questionnaires
  • training badge instructions
  • selected film clips
  • selected Ted’s talks

Trainers’ kit

Everything you need for the Trainer, for a simple and effective management of the activities::

  • recommended resource release schedule
  • a video conference for the joint development of blended courses
  • tips and insights for gamification
  • videos focused on blended learning
  • advice and guidance for blended courses
  • videos focused on webinars

Communication Toolkit

Everything you need to communicate and promote training activities, before and during courses:

  • email format teaser for the launch
  • email reminder format during the training
  • infographics summarising the path for communication purposes
  • schedule format
  • cards/cartoons

Here are some examples of LearningPath designed for specific target and skill groupings:

  1. winning approaches to thinking
  2. sales techniques
  3. performance management
  4. new employees/induction
  5. digital culture
  6. train the trainer

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written by: Chiara Moroni , 10 March 2016

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