Amicucci Formazione will be present with the Skilla method at EM&ampM Italia 2015, the Italian Multiconference on E-learning, Media Education&ampMoodleMoot that will take place in Genoa from 9 to 11 September. This year Amicucci Formazione takes part in the event presenting its paper focussed on the topic of “Moodle for voluntary training at the EXPO MILANO 2015 major International event”. Moodle has been considered the most suitable technological platform for dealing with a series of challenges emerging from the particular nature of the event, such as the need to train in a short timeframe a large number of people on a global level and in a homogeneous way, to ensure the acquisition of a wealth of professional expertise and skills that can be shared and applied right from the launch day of the universal exhibition. With its Skilla method, Amicucci Formazione has been given a central role in the enthusiastic EXPO 2015 experience. Through an intense and engaging partnership in synergy with the human resources staff of EXPO 2015, it has planned various platforms for eLearning training. Moodle has therefore been a key part of the EXPO 2015 experience: it has been developed and managed by Amicucci Formazione to create several self-learning platforms, with different content according to the specific target reference group, from volunteers working in the pavilions to internal staff. The Expo 2015 eLearning experience will also be presented on 1 and 2 December in Milan as part of the national exploring eLearning event. Moodle for training volunteers working at EXPO for 14 consecutive days. Innovative training courses, in Italian and English, train the volunteers 360&deg: from the history of universal exhibitions, to how to get around the exhibition site and everything there is to know in terms of safety and the specific duties of the volunteers. Moodle for training volunteers working specifically in the European Union Pavilion (in English). The project is run in conjunction with Ciessevi.
Moodle for training EXPO internal staff. Training courses in Italian based on the key skills for working at EXPO 2015. Moodle for training School Project volunteers. Involves students from schools in the Lombardy Region taking part in the event (in Italian).
Moodle for training staff selected by Manpower to be part of the EXPO 2015 Field Force Project aimed at recruiting specific figures in the event organisation sector. A project run in conjunction with Manpower. Sara Fabiano

written by: Sara Fabiano , 3 September 2015

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