Digital skills: 9 portals for learning them

Digital skills are an increasingly valuable asset of this new business frontier, but how can you learn them? This article lists 9 useful portals devoted to digital skills. Speaking with programmers, computer experts or simply with persons who have good digital skills, almost all have one thing in common: they are self-taught. This does not mean that they have never participated in formal courses, but they are aware that they can only keep their digital skills up-to-date by training online and autonomously, both during and outside working hours. this portal features several free courses on basic digital skills (such as online searches, IT security and e-mail management) and up-to-date courses on Microsoft Office. The portal is full of tutorials, guides and checks on learning. an Italian portal promoted by Google featuring short and well-made courses. The focus is on building online presence, therefore resources mainly regard digital marketing, seo, and online advertising. The portal is great for beginners who want to learn basic digital skills for a marketer and the courses are Google centric. the pay-off of this site is “learn to program free-of-charge, interactively and by having fun”. This is a unique portal that allows you to learn basic programming skills such as html, css, php, jquery, etc. If you think you may not need it, I recommend that you reconsider your opinion. The portal is essential for those who wish to learn how to understand specialists and get them to understand them, those who manage platforms and those who need to acquire the basics for writing in a forum, setting up a newsletter or updating a site. If you are still not convinced, trust us when we say that it’s a positive thing for EVERYONE to have even just a quick understanding of the main mark-up and programming languages?? in order to work effectively! This is the right site to get started. this site is promoted by Virgin, has a captivating format and contains several courses for those working in marketing and communication. The portal is divided into 4 sections: building an online presence, social media, digital marketing and content creation. this portal is promoted by Manpower in partnership with Deloitte and Banca Intesa. It was mainly designed for people aged 25 to 35 who wish to learn the 8 key competences identified by the European Commission. You will find an area devoted to digital skills to learn the basics of ICT, transversal skills and digital megatrends. this site is also promoted by Google and is useful for those who wish to learn all the secrets of the most popular search engine in Italy to search and find information and content effectively. The course teaches the advanced use of Google. Microsoft Virtual Academy is the Microsoft online training portal you can use to participate in courses to develop digital end-user skills, technical and specialist skills. There are courses on Office365 and computer security, as well as training path to learn how to program. Linkedin also has its own platform for eLearning. There are many topics and almost all are related to the digital environment. the training provided by this site is related to cyber security. The portal, in partnership with almost all the major IT companies, offers free and complete online training on security for both those who just need to keep their devices secure and those who have to protect an entire corporate network. Do you know of any other portals? Put them in the comments section. Federico Amicucci

written by: Federico Amicucci , 13 April 2017

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