Continuous development: the key words that connect Falck Renewables & Skilla

We are going to share the Skilla broadcast where Simon Whittemore talked with Luisa Della Monica, Global Learning & Talent Development Manager for Falck Renewables. Della Monica described the organisation’s main goals and drivers: to design, build and manage plants that generate clean, renewable energy, as well as to nurture the human capital and ensure continuous development.

In order to achieve this goal, Falck Renewables organised upskilling and reskilling programs but also used training as a tool to connect people, through coaching, mentoring, and internal knowledge sharing. 

Della Monica explained that Falck Renewables chosed to develop learning programs with Skilla due to Skilla’s broad learning portfolio as well as to its effective methodology. Skilla’s people are pragmatic, straight to the point, diverse, and use humour, that ensures the key element of learners’ emotional involvement. Microlearning is also a key word in the company’s vision for L&D. Skilla is described as a collaborative learning tool and enables the company’s pillar ‘sharing what we have’ to become a reality.

written by: Team Skilla , 28 March 2022

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