Augmented Reality: Intermac and Univpm’s new challenge

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are concepts and technologies with some elements in common, but which are essentially different. The diversity is inevitably reflected by the relative devices used for each one. VR’s goal is to make the experience seen through the headset extremely realistic and totally engaging. The user is totally immersed in the scene, they can explore it by rotating their head in any direction and moving inside it. They also have a clear perception of themselves and the distances of objects and persons in the environment. Augmented Reality is slightly different, in that it superimposes sensory information of an artificial/virtual nature onto the reality already present. In other words, while with VR the user is in a situation that is completely disconnected from reality, with AR digital figures and writing become part of the environment and enhance it with new content. The relative devices used for each one reflect these differences. Headsets, wearable devices or displays that fit onto the frames of glass are the technologies of what will inevitably become an “AR Revolution”: an evolution of the way in which we see news and use content capable of enhancing the user’s field of vision with new inputs and hitherto unheard of stimuli. This context of simplifying man-machine interaction, by combining digital images with real objects, is where the experience resulting from the collaboration between Intermac and the Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche (Univpm) comes into it. At the heart of the project is the end user, their feelings, their satisfaction it is a radically human-centered technological solution. Consulting information, interaction and the use of multimedia content occur via special glasses or a room with a touch screen that is used to manage the controls to effectively capture images and video clips. These technologies evolve the concept of AR, especially in terms of data: it will surround the user rather than force them to observe aseptically. 3D content, animations, and textual information guide the user and allow them to perform step-by-step, hands-free tasks, since the glasses are used directly. The device itself becomes a great tool for sales, because it allows you to view the available options and try them out in full. Intermac is working to provide innovative technologies to simplify and speed up tasks by reducing the distance between man and machines. In the future, companies capable of pioneering technological innovations, which can have a positive impact on daily production activities, simplifying common operations, improving performance and reducing processing times effectively, will make the difference. Lorenzo Verdini, Matteo Trani and Carlo Strappa Intermac Emanuele Frontoni and Roberto Pierdicca Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche – Department of Information Engineering Contribution related to the VIRTUAL REALTY (Training on equipment and software) project of Fondimpresa started by Amicucci Formazione

written by: Emanuele Frontoni e Roberto Pierdicca , 5 April 2017

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