An artisan learning provider appears in the LPI’s Top 30

LPI title card - The top 30 highest performing learning providers

It may seem paradoxical but Skilla is an artisan learning provider that provides global solutions, including for many well-known multinationals. With learning resources present in over 50 countries worldwide, SSkSkilla is committed to offering the best possible learning solutions to organisations: that’s what drives us to produce cutting edge resources and stimulating courses for every learner. It’s for that reason that it’s such an honour to be recognised by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) as one of the Top 30 Highest Performing Learning Providers.

The LPI is the body for global learning professionals and organisations: recognised expertise as a professional body in defining, guiding and tracking best practices in L&D makes it an authoritative source of continuous improvement in organisational learning for all. Being ranked in the LPI Top 30 is recognition that skilla “provide the highest quality of service and best user experience. They are trusted business partners, acting always in the best interest of their clients and, as such, fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute.” 

Alongside our strong desire to keep developing all aspects of what we do – be it our courses, staff, or sales & marketing efforts – to help solve L&D problems and provide new opportunities, it is our distinctive methodology and tailored learning solutions that have helped us achieve this accolade, in only our second year of LPI accreditation….

Multimedia Training Courses

Everything we do to provide great learning experiences is backed up by years of research, both skilla initiated and skilla supported. Combined with our defining principles of a digital mindset and empowering learning agility, the respected theories of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Styles and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences underpin our methodology. As a result, each one of our hundreds of courses in the skillalibrary comprises up to ten concise learning objects each in a different format or media; over 3000 rich digital learning objects in total.

Learners can take control of their own learning – a key aspect of skilla’s heutagogical method – by prioritising the objects that appeal to their strongest learning styles, and reflecting on their learning through the other learning objects and secondary learning styles, all in small doses and a very short space if time. Keeping the brain agile is essential for operational effectiveness and peak performance in the VUCA* world we are experiencing, and splitting up then revisiting learning in this way overcomes the risk of the curve of oblivion, as key messages are continually reinforced over time.

Learning Paths

In today’s learning environment, plain off-the-shelf content isn’t enough to achieve results in the workplace. Our clients, such as Santander, Fiat Chrysler, and Miki Travel, are seeing this on a global scale: training budgets are tightening, especially in the face of the current lockdown period, and a heightened focus on employee engagement due to remote working means organisations are having to rethink their L&D strategy, and as a result are tending not to buy bulk off-the-shelf courses. Instead, they need to analyse which resources work, in which form, and also how to optimise the resources they have.

That’s why we introduced Learning Pathsskilla’s offer of themed learning journeys that can be pre-packaged or co-designed as a bespoke solution to fit the varying needs of different organisations, without the demanding budget needed to produce new content from scratch.

Our courses are designed to work as groups of courses in topic areas, so we collaborate with clients to co-design the learning experience that suits the individual client. Based on different themes, such as future-proof skills, leadership and diversity, and including quizzes to assess learning, Learning Paths offer a more coherent and effective way to absorb complex information: with different courses contextualising one another, within a systematically presented theme.

Learning Cards

Usually the fruit of longer-term collaboration with skilla clients, Learning Cards are our latest offering in developing, and staying at the forefront of, the workplace learning environment.

As analysts Fosway have observed, “mobile learning is not a requirement for buyers, it’s a necessity!” (Report: 9 Grid Digital Learning, January 2020). And because people are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones, the effectiveness of mobile learning keeps increasing.

Our Learning Cards combine the microlearning, self-learning principles of standard skilla courses with the technique of utilising flashcards, in the powerful yet flexible platform of an interactive mobile app, for dynamic and accessible learning, enriched by built-in assessment and gamification, which stimulates competition and leaderboards. Learning card solutions can be skilla content-driven, bespoke or (typically) a hybrid of the two.

Looking Forward

With skilla’s unique learning method and empowering learning solutions, we’ve demonstrated our ability to adapt our strategy to continually respond to evolving needs in the learning market, which goes a long way to explaining how skilla reached the Top 30 Learning Providers in only two years of being accredited by the LPI.

And we have no plans to slow down or rest on our laurels. By working with L&D good practice organisations such as the LPI, Fosway (we are a “solid performer” on the 2020 Digital Learning 9-Grid) and the Leadership Board, we’re continually evolving to match the shifting learning landscape, developing our programmes and courses to deliver the some of most engaging learning on offer.
If you’re interested in reading the full LPI Top 30 report, you can download that here. If you’d like to hear more from us and what we can do for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch: we look forward to hearing from you.

written by: Hugo Thomas , 31 July 2020

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