ADAPTIVE LEARNING – a futuristic scenario for companies? At exploring eLearning 2016, we illustrated the first types of trials in companies

Is the research oneLearning customisation applicable in companies or does it consist of contributions that only apply at University level? We believe that very interesting projects in this field can arise from collaboration between the two areas (University research and trials in companies). In this regard, seethis interesting articleon customisation in the digital transformation era. We described the enormous potential of eLearning customisation and suggested the ADAPT model in a previous article on the blog. During the two-day exploring eLearning 2016event, featuring the working group from the “Adaptive Learning and learning styles” posterLAB, we gathered a set of experiences from Italian companies that are starting to trial certain forms of adaptive learning in the company. Promoting the customised management of time and space for work and learning – the BNL – BNP Paribas solution The Smart Spaces and Flexible Working project was unveiled to the participating companies and, among other things, includes the use of space as an opportunity to customise work, providing employees with a place for every need (concentration, collaboration, sharing and confidentiality) and trialling greater flexibility and autonomy in the management of time, for 1000 flexible working. Automatically learning the learning style of the user – the challenge facing the Capusability project Silvia Ravazzani PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Communication, University of Aarhus, Denmark, introduced the topic of managing the variables of diversity in organisations and the relationship between diversity, inclusion and customisation. In particular, she explained the Felder &amp Silverman model, which systematises individual variables related to learning styles. Carlo Tasso, Professor of Computer Engineering at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, University of Udine in Udine, Italy and infoFACTORY srl, Udine, Italy, introduced some Machine Learning techniques that allow automatic learning of the user’s learning style and introduced the experimental project, called “Capusability”, conducted in collaboration with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. A customised suggestion for everyone: a Rec System prototype in Europ Assistance HR staff described a recommendations system prototype that is being designed to suggest courses to users by applying marketing logic to training. The Rec Sys is a truly adaptive system: the system recognises the user and helps them along their training path. Thanks to such systems, corporate Academies possess data that allows them to calibrate training more effectively. The Intermac Augmented Reality system: an augmented reality project to promote adaptive learning on the job. The IAR project was unveiled in a special session: Intermac Augmented Reality, an experimental research project in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the Università Politecnica of Marche, created with the aim of exploring the potential of augmented reality as a tool for training, increased productivity, remote technical assistance and commercial promotion in the manufacturing sector. Chiara Moroni

written by: Chiara Moroni , 5 July 2017

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