Feeding with Knowledge: energy for the future with a knowledge sharing project

Taking the opportunity launched by Expo2015 and by the theme “Feed the planet, Energy for life”, that invokes values such as innovation, tradition, creativity and planning for a sustainable future, Amicucci Formazione has launched “Nutrire di Conoscenza” (feeding with knowledge), an extraordinary experience of knowledge sharing to train, innovate and create a sustainable future. What is the project? “Nutrire di Conoscenza” is an innovative programme for sharing knowledge, which allows every participating company to immediately access one of the biggest and most innovative libraries of 150 Training Pills (one of the most evolved forms of e-learning in Italy and internationally) and to contribute in the following years to its development. From 2015 every organisation, by investing in the production of a single new title, will receive 100 other titles every year. As an act of social responsibility, every participating company can donate part of the library to 5 schools in Italy and also make it available to employees’ families. It is a model of good sense, based on the culture of the net and of sustainability, indispensable for seizing the extraordinary opportunities of the intense wave of change that are in place, for acquiring new skills for innovation and for constantly being active protagonists of our time, putting people and companies at the centre in order to help them mature the knowledge necessary for living as protagonists in the complex times in which we live. Margherita Flagiello

Scritto da: Margherita Flagiello

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