Training trends – six topics to watch out for

What are the training trends to watch out for in the coming years? Based on the numerous contributions received during the latest edition of exploring eLearning and what we see every day in our work, we have compiled a list of what will be the most important trends in the world of e-learning in the coming years. The leitmotif of a market that continues to garner success on a global scale is undoubtedly the development of new technologies. Let’s see the six main trends in detail. MOBILE LEARNING: constant and sudden technological development, and the rise in the use of smartphones as the main tools for the collection of information, have dramatically changed the ways of consuming content, and therefore learning. This even leads companies to changing their business strategies. There is an increasing shift towards quick and ready use, which can facilitate group work, the sharing of information and customisation of learning paths. MICROLEARNING: the development of mobile learning has led to the subsequent development of microlearning, training that is made up of small and short units that can be used, for that reason, at any time and in any situation. Simplicity, speed of use and ability to recombine training elements into multiple architectures adaptable to users are the principal characteristics of this educational approach. Applying Microlearning strategies facilitates the training process thanks to the high rate of customisation. SOCIAL LEARNING: social learning means the type of training based mainly on the sharing and interaction of individual participants. Based on the approach of social networks, social learning is able to channel everything that usually happens in traditional classrooms into a network. Social learning is definitely not a new concept when it comes to online education. The generational change in the workforce has increased and continues to increase its importance and it has definitely become one of the trends to watch. ADAPTIVE LEARNING: Another trend that is increasingly asserting its supremacy is undoubtedly adaptive learning. This is once again down to high technological development, used to embrace customisation. Tools and methodologies are modelled on user characteristics to ensure greater training efficiency and a better understanding of the topics. LEARNING ANALYTICS: an indicator for what is happening now and of countless future developments is the great theme of learning analytics, which is also the consequence of a technological era in the making. For a company, the collection and study of data has always been the driving force of its economy. Similarly, the analysis of data on learning activities allows a classification of users on the basis of their behaviour or learning preferences. AUGMENTED REALITY AND AUGMENTED LEARNING: augmented reality means the addition to normal reality of information, through videos, animations and multimedia files. Once again, this is hand-in-hand with technological development. It is a means able to offer an innovative and stimulating learning environment, able to add useful information to training that is related to the users’ environment. The tendency is to have a highly effective tool in the teaching of complex concepts, especially useful in specific areas (health, engineering), and therefore able to change the educational scenario of countless organisations. So be careful, because in the coming years these six trends will surely mark a new direction in the training world. Martina Tombolini

written by: Martina Tombolini , 22 February 2017

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