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The platform for complete training management

Amicucci Formazione launches skillaHUB, a unique e-Learning environment for managing the entire training cycle: from design to the use of online courses, from the management of classrooms/webinars to the user's training curriculum, with paths made up of training pills you can choose from the skilla catalogue already included.

Simple for everyone, both administrators and users
The skillaHUB platform allows you to manage and deliver multimedia educational content aimed at staff, sales network and customer training; overseeing the distribution of courses both online and in the classroom, tracking and certifying activities; engaging and training users through the training pills included, storytelling and gamification plug-ins.

The platform provides utmost usability and the interface guarantees more immediate learning compared to traditional platforms. All the user needs is a single click to access a course, while the trainer only needs to perform a few simple steps to set up, plan, activate and monitor.

Advanced Features and Design
skillaHUB provides a modern and attractive graphical interface and, thanks to the ability to customise the layout, can become YOUR online platform with corporate branding. From the simple creation of courses to the gamification system, from the user's training curriculum to classroom management, from storytelling to reminder modules, there are plenty of features to promote learning, interaction and the sharing of information and experiences.

A platform at your company’s service, that has already been designed and built, easy to customise, manage and use, with guaranteed teaching effectiveness. Ideal for anyone wishing to begin an e-Learning experience or anyone needing to replace old platforms with expensive annual licences that are no longer suitable for new training models.



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