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11 October 2011

A skilla is born

Ax - Amicucci Formazione launches its new brand,, the biggest and most innovative catalogue for soft skills in training pills, for companies that want effective and less expensive training.

Time is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. How can you educate in a few minutes, without trivialising and maintaining a high didactic value?
The desire to answer this question has been our mission, the theme that has driven our research in recent years. Now we are ready for a new challenge: to propose advanced educational models that are high in quality but low in price.
And so was born, an innovative and exclusive environment where it is possible to consult the entire patrimony of Ax Training Pills and construct real courses for developing skills.

Ax Training Pills are short, incisive multimedia courses, built with a communicative formula which has been inspired by lightness, quickness, pleasure, humour, emotional involvement.
The didactic methodology integrates different types of multimedia resources: cartoons, fiction, tutorials, games, multimedia lessons, stimuli of art, recommended reading, self-evaluation activities, improvement techniques, posters and printable handouts.

In particular, the pills encourage:
  • a connection to actual experience, through the representation (cartoon or fiction) of real work situations
  • reflections on your professional life and the development of new points of view, via entertaining and creative stimuli 
  • exercises, operational techniques and references to ways to learn more
Five doctorates of research dedicated to Training Pills and hundreds of trials in important organisations allow us to affirm the solidity and maturity of our methodology. With a new season starts: the pills are offered to all organisations that want to be supported in change and innovation.

Franco Amicucci
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