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How to welcome people of different cultures in the best way possible. How to avoid communication errors. How to foster relations in companies that are more and more intercultural. The first step is to know the traits of each culture and to be open to diversity, and then adopt an empathic attitude of mutual understanding. To promote interculturality the Skilla catalogue is now enhanced with new content! From today 7 Multimedia Training Pills® are available in Italian and English on the topic of INTERCULTURALITY, two packages of pills to promote understanding and relations with people of different cultures. Each pill contains practical advice on how to relate to people of that particular culture, short language lessons and simple tests to assess your level of knowledge and empathy! The pills will allow you to discover how to make cultural diversity an opportunity for mutual benefit they are suitable for all those who have to interact with other cultures, especially those providing hospitality. The Interculturality package includes: PL05IT00200 – FOSTERING INTERCULTURALITY PL05IT00201 – LEARNING ABOUT INDIAN CULTURE PL05IT00202 – LEARNING ABOUT CHINESE CULTURE PL05IT00203 – LEARNING ABOUT BRAZILIAN CULTURE PL05IT00204 – LEARNING ABOUT RUSSIAN CULTURE PL05IT00286 – LEARNING ABOUT UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CULTURE PL05IT00288 – LEARNING ABOUT JAPANESE CULTURE

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