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A tool for sharing knowledge within a company: multimedia libraries

A tool for sharing knowledge within a company: multimedia libraries
The first virtual library was created by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of HTML and putative father of the Web, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva: it was a repertory of internet sites, filed by topic, and compiled by a group of experts. Over time, the concept of the virtual library has evolved, thanks to new opportunities offered by Web 2.0, transforming it into a dynamic space of knowledge in which a variety of organised digital – and non-digital - resources can be found that are easily accessible to users. A p...
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Creating an effective Power Point presentation: 5 steps for clear and functional presentations

When we want to create presentations either to share with colleagues, to send to friends or to help us during a presentation, we often turn to Microsoft Power Point to help us communicate our message clearly. Just as often, however, we sometimes see awkward presentations that do not encourage learning and participation and neither do they hold people's attention. Usually we strive to decorate and enrich our slides so much that they become overstated: instead, in order to be truly useful, they must be...
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More engaging internal communication with Yammer

More engaging internal communication with Yammer
Some projects need to constantly update the work being done, and continuous communication and integration among collaborators: a company's intranet or common internal communication systems may not be practical for contemporaneous smart working. One solution could come from Yammer, a system that simplifies these types of processes, thanks to the logic of a true social network with a professional aspect. Yammer is a useful tool for keeping colleagues and partners informed, coordinating work and c...
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The satisfaction of a job done well, a daily opportunity for achievement

A beautiful image that marks the passing of a trade from generation to generation. A girl who is learning the basics by trying the “tools”. A mother who is refining the art. And the grandmother who is teaching and checking, with the flick of an alert and expert eye, that everything is being done according to tradition. This is the sculpture of the “Merlettaie” (lace makers) making lace pillows, a work by Aldo Sergiacomi, a sculptor of Offida who died twenty years ago in the provinc...
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